Making A Historic Difference – Part Two 1

So last week I warned you I was going to ask you for money. Well, this is it–brace yourselves. We would really appreciate it if you donated money to our Making A Historic Difference campaign. (That wasn’t so bad, was it?) Thanks to our many generous supporters, we currently have $230,000 […]

Introducing Our New Website

We are going to be rolling out a new website in the next day or so. Don’t worry, all the same information will still be there, along with some new stuff! And you won’t have to update your bookmarks; we’ll still be at www.ben-hur.com. We are changing the site’s appearance, […]

People Lew Knew: Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett

On May 30, 1881, Lew Wallace boarded a rail car on the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe to leave New Mexico Territory. Lew had calmed the Territory during his term in office from 1878 through 1881, and his tenure in office was considered successful. He accomplished much in addressing […]