Weddings and Grounds Rental

Make a date with History

A bride and groom kiss after their wedding in front of the limestone porch of Lew Wallace's Study buildingNo matter the season, picture-perfect weddings get their start on the gorgeous grounds of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum, a National Historic Landmark.

Picture this: a beautiful, glowing bride gazes lovingly into the eyes of her groom at the end of a flower-strewn aisle underneath a canopy of blooming trees as the springtime sun shines its warming rays down on the scene. Or imagine a gentle breeze bringing down a shower of brightly colored autumn leaves around a father and daughter as he escorts her down the aisle to her waiting groom.

Create matrimonial memories that will last a lifetime at the most striking National Historic Landmark in the Midwest.

The three-and-a-half-acre property, resplendent with gently rolling hills, a gorgeous variety of shade trees and blossoming flowers, and the stately Study as the centerpiece, is the venue of choice for weddings in Montgomery County.

Brides choose their perfect spot to wed out of a number of possibilities on the grounds: beneath trees exploding with color in the fall, near the sumptuous flower gardens in the spring and summer, or anytime around General Wallace’s amazing Study, a marvel unlike any other landmark in the world.

The stately brick wall surrounding the property ensures the privacy and security of any memorable gathering. Clean, handicap-accessible restrooms provide a worry-free environment for events of any length.

Grounds rental fees vary according to the time of day and special services required. Contact Grounds Manager Deb King at 765-362-5769 or [email protected] for application details.

Picture-perfect memories of your own beautiful wedding await you, here at the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum!

Facility & Grounds Rental Fee Schedule

Damage Deposit1 – $200

Save the Date Guarantee Deposit2 – $50

A bride and groom hold hands at the weddingGrounds Rates

During Museum hours (Monday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm) – $75/hour

Before/after Museum hours – $125/hour

Grounds must be rented for a minimum of 2 hours.

Total payment is due fourteen (14) days prior to the event.


Alcohol Policy

No hard liquor (mixed drinks) is allowed. Beer and wine must be provided by a licensed caterer. Alcohol may be served only if food is served and must be done in accordance with all applicable laws. Beer and wine may be served only when the Museum is closed. An off-duty police officer must be on site during the event. The museum director will schedule the officer, but the cost will be assumed by the Client. The damage deposit will be forfeited if the policies are not followed.

All fees are assumed by the client in accordance with stated policy. Client’s fees do not include the cost of insurance and an off-duty police officer.

Applications and Forms

Download the rental agreement form and rental rules in PDF format here. You may also download a map of the grounds and available parking for your event.

Areas of Use for Weddings

The facility or an area within the facility will not be authorized for use if the museum director or a museum representative determines that the proposed activity would unduly disturb the environmental, biological, ecological, archeological or historical characteristics of the area. All uses must be consistent with the environmental, biological, ecological, archeological or historic characteristics of the area and its related collections. Use must not detract from the public image of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum and must be in accordance with the property’s specific procedural guidelines.


If the event is canceled 60 days prior to the event date, all fees will be reimbursed. If canceled less than 60 days prior to the event, the guarantee deposit ($50) is non-refundable.


Any Caterer requested to serve alcoholic beverages must give proof of their state license. The caterer and the client shall be specifically responsible for adherence to the Facility Rental Policies. All food trash must be removed from the property prior to the close of the event. The name(s) of the caterer, vendors, and/or service providers for the event shall be submitted to the museum director at least fourteen (14) days prior to the event. If alcohol is being served, that information must be submitted to the museum director at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.


In an effort to protect the integrity of our exhibits and site, the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum must approve all decorations prior to an event set up.

Prohibited decorations include:

  • use of nails, staples, carpet tape, masking tape and any other adhesive
  • confetti, glitter, or any similar material
  • pyrotechnics, loudspeakers, or flying objects

Birdseed and bubbles may only be used on the grounds and not inside museum structures.

No pyrotechnics, loudspeakers, or flying objects are allowed without express written permission of the museum director. Balloons may not be released. Decorations must be removed before the museum opens for business the day after an event. The use of tent stakes is permitted but is restricted to certain areas on the grounds. Tent placement will need to be approved by the museum director before the tent is erected.

Deliveries and Receiving

All deliveries, setup, and pickups must be made between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00 and approved by the director or his/her representative. No CODs will be accepted. All materials, including trash, used during weddings must be removed from the site by the close of the next business day following the end of an event. Event representative must be present to accept delivery. Deliveries and pickups in off-hours can be arranged with 14 days notice. An additional fee may be added for staff scheduling.

White chairs set up on the lawn for weddings with General Lew Wallace's orange brick Study building in the backgroundHours of Operation

The General Lew Wallace Study & Museum will be open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., February 1 through mid-December. Evening events and weddings may not begin prior to the Site’s closing time unless approved by the director.

Inclement Weather

Many events at the museum are held outdoors. In the case that an event is canceled due to weather, the museum director will work with the Client to reschedule a date for the event. If this is not possible, then the guarantee deposit ($50) will be retained and the remaining unused fees will be reimbursed in full.


The sponsoring organization or individual must provide a certificate of insurance or insurance binder issued by an approved company for any event held at the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum. This certificate is due at the time of final payment fourteen (14) days prior to the event. The certificate of insurance or binder shall evidence that the sponsoring group has obtained a general liability insurance policy providing for a limit of not less than $300,000. The certificate of insurance must name the City of Crawfordsville, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum as additional insured for the time period of the event. Damage to or loss of objects or property belonging to the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization or individual.

Late Use

All facilities must be vacated no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the event as scheduled. In case the event extends beyond this limit, additional fees will apply.

Media and Promotion

A wide expanse of grass and trees with white chairs in rows for weddings.The client shall neither sell nor distribute anything of value without the prior consent of the museum director. The Client agrees to submit any information, including programs and invitations, containing the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum’s image or logo to the museum director for approval prior to printing or airing. Media coverage of any event must be approved by the museum director or representative prior to the event. Coverage must adhere to the following:

  • Client will assign a designated individual to accommodate media.
  • Client will escort members of the media at all times while on site.
  • Media are not permitted in the public areas of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum unless prior arrangements have been made with the museum director.
  • A General Lew Wallace Study & Museum staff member must be present for all media sessions that take place at the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum.


Photography is permitted only in designated areas of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum. The Client may not take photographs or use any museum photos for commercial use without the express written consent of the museum director. The use of flash photography or tripods is not permitted in the buildings without express permission.

Public Assembly

An organization or individual must obtain written approval and a Facility & Grounds Use Formal Letter of Agreement to conduct public meetings, parades, demonstrations, weddings, or public ceremonies on General Lew Wallace Study & Museum property.


Signage within the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum requires advance approval by the museum director. Requests for outdoor signage on the buildings or on the grounds require advance approval by the museum director. No signs will be taped, hung, or attached to the gates or wall without the approval of the Museum director.


Smoking is prohibited as by ordinance of the City of Crawfordsville.

Special Needs

Please make the museum director aware of any special needs required during the event so that staff can accommodate any logistics associated with those needs.




  1. This amount is due fourteen (14) days prior to the event. The fee will be refunded 4-6 weeks after the event, provided there is no damage to the property resulting from client activity.
  2. This amount is payable at the time the application is made and is required to hold the date. The deposit is considered a partial payment of the event fees. If canceled less than 90 days prior to the event date, the guarantee deposit is non-refundable.