Annual Exhibit

This Just In: Recent Acquisitions at the Museum -- our 2022 exhibit opening March 12, 2022

2022 Exhibit to Open Saturday, March 12, 2022

Our 2022 exhibit focuses on recent acquisitions to the Museum’s collection–and by “recent” we mean “within the last ten years.”

A lot of people may believe history museums stop adding to our collection once the time period we discuss ends. Lew Wallace died in 1905, after all, so nothing has changed about his life since then, right?

Except we are constantly learning new things about Lew. In the past few years, members of the Wallace family decided some pieces should come to the Museum as we help tell Lew’s story to the world. We have had paintings and other artwork inspired by Ben-Hur or the Study grounds donated to us. Just last year we were contacted by someone who had a notarized document that the very ornate carriage lanterns they owned had been owned by Lew Wallace.

The provenance of some items are easier to trace than others (and some still haven’t been traced!). Regardless, we love learning the stories of these artifacts. In the 2022 exhibit, you’ll learn what guides a Museum’s decisions to collect (or not collect) certain pieces.

We’ll discuss aspects of our Vision & Mission Statements and our Collections Policy, among other guiding documents, and we’ll tell the stories of some of the fantastic pieces we have added to our collection in the past decade.