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A man stands in front of an antique car with General Lew Wallace's Study building and wall in the background.

Restoring the Wall

The General Lew Wallace Study & Museum and Lew Wallace Study Preservation Society are pleased to announce a new restoration project planned for this winter. MCCF Grant Provides Funding for Wall Restoration Thanks to a grant from the Montgomery County Community Foundation and donations from a group of local citizens, […]

Lew’s Young Fan

I had a family visiting from northern Indiana recently who already knew a lot about Lew Wallace. The son was a fan of Lew’s and wrote a report about him last year in school. This year he is planning to write about Montgomery County for a school report. I’m sure […]

Overheard at International Museum Day 4

This is from a Crawfordsville native: “The Study was very much a part of my youth as my family lived just a few blocks away on Wabash Avenue, I went to school at Wilson from kindergarten through the middle of fourth grade, my Scout Troop met in the Carriage House […]

Overheard at International Museum Day 2

Overheard from a young visitor: “I remember the bright orange carpet. And that there used to be a lot more stuff in here.” Hang on, Josie. Just a few more weeks and then we plan to move artifacts back into the Study! (The carpet’s gone for good, though.)

Overheard at International Museum Day

Today the Museum is participating in International Museum Day with free admission. The theme is Museums and REmembrance, and our visitors are talking up a storm about what they remember from their previous visits! This was overheard from a former teacher during a tour: “Didn’t there used to be a […]