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Zerelda Wallace as an older woman; she has gray or white hair and a plump face

International Women’s Day

“The destiny of the whole race is comprised of four things: Religion, education, morals, politics. Woman is a religious being; she is becoming educated; she has a high code of morals; she will yet purify politics.”   – from “Women’s Ballot a Necessity for the Permanence of Free Institutions” by Zerelda […]

Dr. Harry Wann stands in a studio facing the nude figure of a woman he is sculpting

Harry Wann & Friendship with the Wallaces

Helping with the care and maintenance of the grounds of the Lew Wallace property by incoming freshmen at Wabash College is not a recent phenomenon. These young men have been helping the museum for years and actually helped General and Mrs. Wallace in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. […]

Found: Letter to Bumpa

During a visit today from Nicholson Elementary second-graders, we showed a few artifacts relating to Lew Wallace’s occupation as an author. One object was a notebook Wallace used to jot notes, keep accounts, and draft correspondence. Below we have included images and transcriptions as we read them (General Wallace’s handwriting […]