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Lewis Powell, one of the Lincoln Conspirators, subject of one of our puzzles

Study Jigsaw Puzzles

We’ve created some puzzles of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum property that you can complete online! We hope you enjoy them! Hopefully this will tide you over until we are able to open the museum again. The Study & Lew Wallace statue puzzle This landscape photo appears in […]

The Turkish Princess, artist unknown, presented to Lew Wallace by Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Oil Painting Restoration Completed!

We are pleased to announce the completion of an extensive oil painting restoration project! Grant Funding In 2017, we successfully secured two grants for the restoration of oil paintings owned by the museum. A priority assessment was funded by the Indiana Historical Society and made possible by the Lilly Endowment, […]

General Lew Wallace's carriage when owned by the Oliver family in 1915

Lew Wallace’s Carriage

In 1873, perhaps feeling flush with royalties from his book The Fair God, Lew Wallace ordered a new carriage. It was a made-to-order French Victoria Carriage that cost $1,000, with an additional $200 for shipping. At this same time, Lew and Susan constructing their new Carriage House immediately north of […]

Lew Wallace with cane in hand exiting the Study, ca. 1900.

Wallace & his Walking Stick

Among the many items in the Study, the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum has a collection of canes associated with the General. Throughout his life, Lew Wallace maintained a military bearing. Acquaintances frequently commented upon his erect posture. However, Lew often used a walking stick about town. Beyond aids […]

The Conspirators

Perhaps Lew Wallace’s best-known painting (not that he was famous for art), The Conspirators made the journey from storage to the Study Movers from Red Ball Moving carry in the custom-made box containing The Conspirators. Museum staff and volunteers lift the oil painting atop the bookcases in the Study. Museum […]

Back Home in Indiana

Lew Wallace’s Artifacts are finally back in the Study! Museum staff and volunteers will now spend days unpacking artwork and arranging furniture to reflect Wallace’s use of the building. The furniture, including the grandfather clock, are not in place, but at least they are in the building! Movers from Red […]