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2020 Newsletters

Volume 21 Issue 2 – Restoring the Brick Wall, Notes from the Director, History Highlight: Zerelda Wallace, From the Grounds, Holiday Tea cancellation, Wallace Book Project, Hoosier Authors Book Club Returns Virtually, 2021 Exhibit, Study Scrapbook, and voting for new members.

Volume 21 Issue 1 – “Suffrage & Sovereignty: David, Esther, and Zerelda Wallace” exhibit, Notes from the Director, Brick Wall Project, David Wallace and the Telegraph, 2020 Programs, Hoosier Authors Book Club, Study Scrapbook, From the Arboretum, and more.

Vol 21 Issue 1 Vol 22 Issue 2

2019 Newsletters

Volume 20 Issue 3 – Review of the Thirteenth Annual TASTE, Thirteenth Holiday Tea & Fashion Show, 2019 Hoosier Author Fair, From the Gardens, Study Scrabook, and more.

Volume 20 Issue 2 – Thirteenth Annual TASTE of Montgomery County Preview, Flat Lew’s travels, Fall Programming, From the Gardens, Lord Dufferin and Lew Wallace, ArchiCamp wrapup, and more.

Volume 20 Issue 1 – “From Crawfordsville to Constantinople: Traveling with the Wallaces” Exhibit opening, Lew Wallace’s Carriage, ArchiCamp, 2019 Programming, New Gift Shop Items, Hoosier Authors Book Club, Study Scrapbook, From the Arboretum, and more.

Vol 20 Issue 3 Vol 20 Issue 2 Vol 20 Issue 1

2018 Newsletters

A graphic depicting several pages of a newsletter, complete with text and photographsVolume 19 Issue 3 – TASTE of Montgomery County report, Twelfth Annual Holiday Tea, 2018 Hoosier Author Fair, 1959 Ben-Hur, Reflecting Pool Restoration wrap-up, Study Scrapbook, and more.

Volume 19 Issue 2 – Twelfth Annual TASTE of Montgomery County preview, Wallace Book Project, Fall Programming, ArchiCamp wrap-up, From the Gardens, Reflecting Pool Restoration, June Mathis: Hollywood Pioneer, Study Scrapbook, and more.

Volume 19 Issue 1 – “Lights, Camera, Epic! Ben-Hur on Screen and Beyond” Exhibit Opening, Oil Painting Conservation Project, Hollywood and Geometry in the filming of Ben-Hur, 2018 Programming, Hoosier Authors Book Club, From the Gardens, Unique Ways to Support the Study, and more.

Vol 19 Issue 3 Vol 19 Issue 2 Vol 19 Issue 1

2017 Newsletters

Volume 18 Issue 3 – Celebrating the Best TASTE Ever, Eleventh Annual Holiday Tea, 2017 Hoosier Author Book Fair, Ben-Hur Magic Lantern Slides, From the Gardens, Study Scrapbook, and more.

Volume 18 Issue 2 – Eleventh Annual TASTE of Montgomery County preview, Main Street Mile, Fall Programming, ArchiCamp wrap-up, Study Scrapbook, From the Gardens, Happy 200th Birthday Zerelda Sanders Wallace, Little Free Library, and more.

Volume 18 Issue 1 – Ben-Hur Exhibit opening, 2017 programming, Wallace book project update, art conservation project, Burma Shave and Ben-Hur, ArchiCamp returning in June, Little Free Library, unique ways to support the Study, From the Gardens, and more.

Vol 18 Issue 3 Vol 18 Issue 2  Vol 18 Issue 1

2016 Newsletters

Volume 17 Issue 3 – Tenth Annual Holiday Tea, TASTE wrap-up, Hoosier Author Fair, Charles Major & the Golden Age of Indiana Literature, Notes From the Garden, Study Scrapbook, 2017 Exhibit news, and more.

Volume 17 Issue 2 – Preview of the Tenth Annual TASTE of Montgomery County, Indiana’s Bicentennial, Sarah Bolton and the Golden Age of Indiana Literature, Indiana Historical Society’s Heritage Support Grant News, Fall Programming at the Study, Golden Summer garden notes, and more.

Volume 17 Issue 1 – Hoosier Authors Exhibit Opening, 2016 programming, Gene Stratton-Porter and the White Strawberries, ArchiCamp, Zerelda Wallace Receives Honors, Hoosier Authors Book Club, Adopt-A-Spot report, Study Scrapbook, IRA Contributions, From the Gardens, Susan Wallace Drake memorial, 2015 By the Numbers, and more.

Vol 17 Issue 3 Vol 17 Issue 2 Vol 17 Issue 1

2015 Newsletters

Volume 16 Issue 3 – 9th Annual Holiday Tea, TASTE wrap-up, Lew Wallace in the Headlines, Wallace’s Mission to Mexico, Holiday Tea schedule of events, Notes from the Garden, Study Scrapbook, TipMont REMC grant report, 2016 exhibit preview: Hoosier Authors, Study Endowment, and more.

Volume 16 Issue 2 – A preview of the 9th Annual TASTE of Montgomery County, Lew Wallace Community Service Award winner Helen Hudson, Wallace book project, Lew Wallace and the Lincoln Assassination, Study building reopening, color spread from the Study Restoration Project, notes from the garden, ArchiCamp wrap-up, and Study Scrapbook.

Volume 16 Issue 1 – Exhibit opening, new Lew Wallace Study Preservation Society board members, gift shop items, Louis Weichmann history tidbit, ArchiCamp, 2015 programming, Adopt-a-Spot notes, restoration update, 2014 By the Numbers, and more!

Vol 16 Issue 3 Vol 16 Issue 2 Vol 16 Issue 1

2014 Newsletters

Volume 15 Issue 3 – 8th Annual Holiday Tea, TASTE wrap-up, holiday shopping at the gift shop, Wallace family home history tidbit, fall colors in the gardens, Collections Corner, intern profile of Victoria Johnston, Study endowment information.

Volume 15 Issue 2 – TASTE preview, Making A Historic Difference campaign update, William Noble “Tee” Wallace history tidbit, new gift shop items, Civil War lectures, Study social media, AASLH StEPS Program participation, ArchiCamp wrap-up, Collections Corner, intern profile of Nathaniel Busenbark, and Study Scrapbook.

Volume 15 Issue 1 – 1864 exhibit opening, notes from the director, Lew Wallace Study Preservation Society board member updates, Lew Wallace Award, Ben-Hur Beech tree history tidbit, Indy Eleven NASL soccer team and their connection to Lew Wallace, gift shop items, 2014 programming, gardens and Adopt-a-Spot updates, 2013 By the Numbers, and 2014 events preview.

Vol 15 Issue 3 Vol 15 Issue 2 Vol 15 Issue 1

2013 Newsletters

Volume 14 Issue 3 – 7th Annual Holiday Tea, TASTE wrap-up, Making A Historic Difference campaign update, new website design debut, Lew Wallace & American Beauty roses history tidbit, garden updates, Study Scrapbook, Donor Spotlight: Hoosier Heartland State Bank.

Volume 14 Issue 2 – Help Make a Historic Difference, 7th Annual TASTE! of Montgomery County preview, Colonel William Seward & the Battle of Monocacy history tidbit, Blair Miller visit and Lew Wallace, Jr.’s Duesenberg automobile, new interpretive signs on Study grounds, first ArchiCamp, Collections Corner, descendants of Lew & Susan Wallace, gardens update, intern profile of Noah Doyle, and more.

Volume 14 Issue 1 – Generations exhibit opening, notes from the director, new Lew Wallace Study Preservation Society board members, membership party, Henry Wallace’s spirit photograph history tidbit, ArchiCamp debut, Study social media accounts, 2013 programming preview, Collections Corner, Making A Historic Difference Campaign, gardens and Adopt-a-Spot updates, Study Scrapbook, and more.

Vol 14 Issue 3 Vol 14 Issue 2 Vol 14 Issue 1

2012 Newsletters

Volume 13 Issue 3 – 6th Annual Holiday Tea preview, TASTE wrap-up, notes from the director, T.C. Steele history tidbit, William Noble Wallace obituary, Study Scrapbook, Bohumir Kryl Project, Collections Corner: Lew Wallace’s artwork, notes from the garden, new dig site for History Beneath Us, Study wish list, new gift shop items, and more!

Volume 13 Issue 2 – TASTE of Montgomery County preview, notes from the director, Bohumir Kryl Project preview, Wallace Scholar profile of Beth Swift, Zelda Harrison Seguin Wallace history tidbit, History Beneath Us, Warm Farewell to Kara Edie, spring & summer educational programming, Stephanie Cain new Visitor Services Coordinator, notes from the garden, and intern profile on Sam Andre, Jeffris Family Foundation grant announcement, and more.

Volume 13 Issue 1 – Courage & Conflict: Lew Wallace in 1862 exhibit opening, notes from the director, Wallace Scholars announcement, Margaret Noble Wallace Daly obituary, English Hotel and David Wallace bust history tidbit, Lew Wallace Youth Academy, study improvements continuing in 2012, Collections Corner: Daniel Macauley’s revolver, Lew Wallace Memorial Pillar in Indianapolis, Annual Report, notes from the gardens, Adopt-a-Spot donor recognition, Study Scrapbook, and more!

Vol 13 Issue 3 Vol 13 Issue 2 Vol 13 Issue 1

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