David Wallace

David Wallace, Lew’s father

“Mine were folk who cared little for ancestry…”
— Lew Wallace

The Wallace family tree begins with Andrew and Eleanor Campbell Wallace, Lew Wallace’s grandparents on his father’s side. It traces the eight Wallace children, their children, and their grandchildren with birth and death dates (if known).

Many of our visitors believe they are related to Lew Wallace. The number of descendants of Lew and Susan Wallace is relatively small; they only had one child. However, Lew’s brother, William, married into the prominent Butler family of Indianapolis and had a large family. If you believe you are a Wallace descendant, we suggest you begin your research with William Wallace, Lew’s brother.

Note: The Wallace genealogy file is a working document. We have made every effort to ensure this information is correct, but we are constantly researching and receiving updates.

Genealogy (PDF)