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The 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Monocacy

In the summer of 1864, John W. Garrett, President of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad came to see General Lew Wallace.  Mr. Garrett expressed concern for the safety of Washington (as well as his railroad).  His personnel were reporting detachments of Confederate troops in the Shenandoah Valley and, according to […]

Randolph Rogers and the Bust of Lew Wallace

Throughout his life Lew Wallace had a deep interest in the creative arts. He created original works of art and he acquired works by others. One of the most recognizable works he acquired was a bust of himself created by the famed American sculptor, Randolph Rogers. The museum is fortunate […]

The Great Agnostic – Robert G. Ingersoll

In the mid-1870s, Lew Wallace was drafting a short story about the three wise men and their journey guided by the Star of Bethlehem. The story was intended for publication in Harper’s—one of the most important magazines of the 19th century. Serialized stories that carried from one issue to the next […]

War at their front doorstep.

Robert Todd Lincoln was the eldest of Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s four sons. When his father was elected President in 1860, Robert was in college at Harvard. He participated in some of the inaugural celebrations but returned to his studies and for the next several years visited the White House […]