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The Top of the Wall

Anne Moore from Weintraut & Associates cut through tree roots that have grown across the top of the reflecting pool wall. At the end of the first day, the top of the reflecting pool wall was clean and clearly defined. Volunteers screened each bucket of dirt for artifacts. They pulled […]


The top of a wall has been found during the excavation of the reflecting pond! The archeology students and their helpers have unearthed a portion of the wall, amazingly just 3-4″ below ground level. The next step in the process will be to continue digging, unearthing more of the wall […]

History Beneath Us – Beginning

A student helps map elevations with surveying equipment. Knowing how deep they are digging is critical to archaeologists’ work, so preparations require taking initial elevations of the ground. As they dig, the crew will measure everything in centimeters. Another part of preparations is marking bags for artifacts. All the dirt […]