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Come Play in the Dirt!

Mark your calendars for this autumn’s History Beneath Us weekend. On September 22 & 23, archaeologists from the University of Indianapolis will be joining us to continue excavations on Lew’s reflecting pool. Visitors will be able to observe archaeologists at work and learn about their methods. Anyone wishing to help […]

History Beneath Us Day 1

Some interesting things have been found so far on the first day of the spring History Beneath Us.  A marble, horseshoe, and a hip bone from a small mammal have all been found in Unit 10, one of the units that contains part of the reflecting pool.  A group of […]

Visitors participate in archaeology during History Beneath Us

History Beneath Us

The archaeologists from the University of Indianapolis are here and have started working.  They have already opened up a new unit between the Carriage House and the south wall and have found some window glass, coal and bricks.  They have also started opening up new units around the reflecting pool […]

Archaeology workers dig in a trench on the Study grounds

History Beneath Us

Archaeologists Dr. Chris Moore from the University of Indianapolis and Anne Moore, together with U of I students and members of the public are working on uncovering the outline of Lew Wallace’s reflecting pool this weekend.  Past excavations have revealed the far edge of the pool.  They are now hoping […]