Christmas Shopping in the Carriage House

We all have that one person, don’t we? That person who seems to have everything? That person who says, “I don’t need anything this year?” So how do you shop for someone like that?

Consider giving them a gift that also supports local history and culture!
Proceeds from the gift shop here are used for the benefit of the museum. We have books about Lew Wallace, copies of Ben-Hur, Christmas tree ornaments, t-shirts, and even artwork. For the real collector in your family, you can purchase the two-volume autobiography Lew was writing at the time of his death; it was completed by his wife Susan. We also have Mama G beaded earrings created by a local artist and Indiana-shaped cheese boards made by a local artisan.
If you would prefer to give a gift that is less tangible but carries the benefits of being tax deductible and directly supporting our mission, buy a membership to the Lew Wallace Study Preservation Society in someone’s name. Membership levels start as low as $25 for the Lieutenant Level and go all the way to Ben-Hur Level at $500.
If you’re interested in preserving Lew Wallace’s legacy, Christmas is a great way to do it!

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