Cooking With Susan: Memorial Day Edition

A round three-quarters profile of a woman in black and white. She has dark hair and wears a dreamy expression.With Memorial Day weekend being a popular weekend for cookouts and picnics, we thought we would share some of Susan’s recipes. Methods of cooking may have changed over the years, but people still need to eat. Susan might have made one of these recipes when they celebrated Decoration Day in her family. This year Memorial Day looks like it’s going to be a bit cool, weather-wise, but the weather is always right for ice cream!


Susan’s Ice Cream
Beat yolks of 3 eggs til very light; add one small teacup sugar, one pint new milk. Set in a small metal bucket in a kettle of boiling water; stir til it begins to thicken, then remove from fire. When ice cold, pour this custard into 2-1/2 quarts of fresh, rich cream; add 2 cups of sugar (more or less according to your sweet tooth) then small teaspoon not quite full of vanilla. Ice cream is often spoiled by too much flavoring. Sugar often freezes out. Stir constantly while freezing. So far as I know, the White Mountain Freezer is the best.

taken from the Saturday Evening Journal, Dec. 25, 1880

Or if sherbet is more your style, try this one:
Spanish Sherbet

One can of grated pineapple, two teacupsful or more of sugar, add one pint of cold water and whites of three eggs beaten very stiff, freeze quickly as possible; there is a sharp acid in the fruit which makes poison with tin should it stand melted; if wanted very rich at the last moment before freezing, stir in one pint of fresh cream thoroughly whipped.

taken from M. E. Church Cook Book, 1886

You’ll always be popular if you bring dessert to a holiday pitch-in!
We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into Susan’s cookbooks. If you try cooking one of Susan’s recipes, let us know how it turns out!

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