Dr. Howard Miller Discusses 2016 Ben-Hur

We had a wonderful crowd turn out to hear Ben-Hur expert Dr. Howard Miller speak about the 2016 film and Carol Wallace’s modern-language adaptation of the novel.

Dr. Miller talked about the 2016 Ben-Hur remake. He also discussed the flurry of Ben-Hur material during the Indiana Bicentennial and what that looks like to an outsider and a scholar of the tradition. In addition, Dr. Miller touched on recent books about Ben-Hur, including Jon Solomon’s recent book Ben-Hur: The Original Blockbuster, published in May, and last year’s Bigger Than Ben-Hur: The Book, Its Adaptations, and Their Audiences, which includes an essay by Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller was here as part of our year-long Lew Wallace Festival of Words, and we are pleased to present the recording of his lecture.

With forty years of teaching experience, Dr. Miller is an engaging and entertaining speaker. We hope you enjoy his talk on the 2016 Ben-Hur!

We hope to continue live-broadcasting our programs on our Facebook page as well as posting them here. Stay tuned!

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