Hard hats and helmets

Fall- the time of cool, brisk mornings and quiet evenings. Time to slow down and look at nature and . . . . .don the hard hats, helmets and shoulder pads!

The beautiful colors of fall have arrived with the bright yellow hickory leaves, the orange-gold of the sassafras and the bright red leaves of the dogwood. A virtual artist’s palette for a few weeks.

But be on the lookout for the dreaded head knockers! Walnut, hickory and oak trees are causing havoc all over the grounds of the Museum with the falling nuts. Crash, bam, kerplunk, thunk , splat are just a few sounds of the Museum. A visitor walking on the grounds may appear unsteady until you realize they are dodging the walnuts laying all over the ground.

Neighbors, preschoolers, school groups are visiting the grounds and collecting leaves and seeds for class projects. A great time to visit and see the beautiful trees and gardens- but bring your hard hat!

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