In the Gift Shop: Finding Indiana Ancestors

A new book has found its way to our gift shop as we prepare for our 2013 exhibit about Lew and Susan Wallace’s descendants. Along with talking about the accomplished Wallace family, we will also be discussing how family research is done and how best to preserve your own family legacy.

We have added Finding Indiana Ancestors: A Guide to Historical Research to our gift shop offerings. Edited by M. Teresa Baer and Geneil Breeze and published by the Indiana Historical Society Press, this book is a treasure trove of information, how-tos, resources, and examples to help you navigate the speed bumps and detours along the road of your family history.

The book has six parts: Getting Started, Identifying Resources, Researching Records, Researching With Maps, Researching Ethnic Groups, and Providing Context and Accuracy. It provides an excellent foundation for beginning genealogists, but also contains in-depth resources that even experienced family researchers will find useful.

Are you interested in family history? Do you have a favorite book or website about genealogy?

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