Lew Wallace Worksheet Activity Book

Working and schooling at home can make for some trying times. Although the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum is currently closed to comply with health requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, Museum staff are still working. Knowing that many of our visitors are fourth grade students and homeschoolers, we have developed a worksheet activity book to provide material for parents and educators.

A coloring sheet featuring Lew Wallace's Study building.

Lew Wallace Worksheet Activity Book Download

Our Lew Wallace Worksheet Activity Book includes a crossword puzzle, a word search, and eleven coloring pages. We hope to add more resources over time. Wanting to make this resource available quickly, we have chosen to post the activity book in separate worksheet downloads, as well as a ZIP file download with all worksheet PDFs.

Download the ZIP file here

Individual Worksheet Downloads

A word search worksheet all about Lew Wallace
Lew Wallace Word Search

If you would prefer to download individual files, you may do so here:

Lew Wallace Coloring Page

A coloring sheet of Lew Wallace’s portrait early in the Civil War.

Crossword Puzzle

A crossword puzzle all about Lew Wallace.

Study Logo Coloring Page

Especially for younger students, a simple coloring page of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum logo.

Study Coloring Page

A coloring page designed from a photograph of the Study in the fall.

Study Interior (Inglenook) Coloring Page

A coloring page of the Inglenook of the Study.

Stained Glass (Inglenook) Coloring Page

A coloring page of the stained glass windows in the Study Inglenook.

Statuary Hall Coloring Page

A coloring page of the Lew Wallace statue in Statuary Hall, Washington, D.C. Original image courtesy of the National Archives/Library of Congress.

Study Coloring Page 2

A coloring page of the Study in springtime with the magnolia trees in blossom.

Study Interior (East Wall) Coloring Page

A coloring page of the Study interior east wall, including The Turkish Princess painting.

Skylight Coloring Page

A coloring page of the Study skylight stained glass.

Clock Coloring Page

A coloring page of the Tiffany clock inside the Study.

Lew Wallace Word Search

A word search using words from Lew Wallace’s life.

Study Coloring Page 3

A coloring page of another external view of General Lew Wallace’s Study.

Worksheet and Resource Suggestions

We Welcome any and all feedback on these resources. If there are resources you need but can’t find on our website, please let us know either in a comment or by emailing us, and we will do what we can to address your need.

Although we are not able to give in-person tours, we want to provide as much information as possible and provide a great virtual experience. We hope to add additional resources as our stay-at-home orders continue, and we would love to hear your suggestions for content you would like to see.

Stay at home and stay safe and healthy.

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COVID-19 Closure

The General Lew Wallace Study & Museum, in accordance with Governor Eric Holcomb's stay-at-home order, is currently closed. Staff is checking email and phone messages sporadically. Stay safe and be well.