Study Jigsaw Puzzles

We’ve created some puzzles of the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum property that you can complete online! We hope you enjoy them! Hopefully this will tide you over until we are able to open the museum again.

The Study & Lew Wallace statue puzzle

This landscape photo appears in our front-page slider, and features the General Lew Wallace Study and our replica of the statue of Wallace housed in Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C.

The Conspirators by Lew Wallace puzzle

Lew Wallace completed this painting in 1867. Subjects in the painting are members of the conspiracy that included John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. To learn more about the painting, watch Gail Stephens’ Conspirators lecture video or check out this post.

Compose The Turkish Princess

Lew’s tour of duty as envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to the Ottoman Empire came to an end in 1884. As a result, the Sultan offered a number of expensive gifts. As a representative of the government of the United States, Wallace graciously declined these expressions of friendship and gratitude.

According to legend, as Wallace closed his office and packed his residence, the Sultan was able to secretly include the painting called The Turkish Princess. He also gave Lew elaborate carpets and a few other items in the shipping crates. These items sent by the Sultan remained undiscovered by Wallace until he was back in Crawfordsville and opened the crates. The Turkish Princess, said to be one of the Sultan’s daughters, remains one of the highlights of the Study.

And yes, this is the painting that watches you as you move around! No matter where you go in the Study, her eyes appear to follow you.



More Puzzles?

What other pictures would you like to see turned into puzzles? Comment here to let us know!

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