Lew Wallace Youth Academy is Underway

The first day of the Lew Wallace Youth Academy, Exploring Other Cultures, was a success! The middle-school students jumped into the cultures of Uganda with singing, dancing, and drumming in a traditional African style. Dr. James Makubuya from Wabash College and Sr. Stella Sabina led the activities with enthusiasm, encouraging students and adults alike to try sounding out words in Swahili and coordinating arms and legs in a dance. The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly:

“I loved dancing, singing, and drumming with my friends.”

“It was really cool and I love learning new languages and new dances.”

“My experience with other cultures was awesome. I loved the dance and the drumming together. It was great.”

At an age that most people consider awkward, the Academy students jumped in and tried something completely new with enthusiasm and vigor, making new friends along the way.

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