Moving the Steps

To reset the front steps of the Study, workers removed caulking and sealant from around the cracks and gaps (we posted pictures last week), and then looped a harness around each step to remove them with the lift truck.

Pulling the stop step away from the building.

Completely removed!

One down, two to go.

They removed all the steps in a similar fashion. The bottom step has a large crack in it, so they moved that one is two pieces. Here they’re stacked in reverse, with the cracked bottom step on top.

You can see why the steps need to be reset! The settling through the years, combined with previous work, have resulted in a hodge-podge pile of material under the steps. If you look closely, you can see the combination of bright red vitrified brick, concrete, and browner, local Poston brick making up the fill under the steps.

Click on the blog post title to see a video of the top step coming off!

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