Summer Fun

Summer at the Study has been a wonderous treat for the nature lovers.

The gardens are in full glory and the wildlife has found a bountiful feast.

Lantana, verbena, butterfly bushes and coneflowers are visited by goldfinches, hummingbirds and numerous varieties of butterflies.

The yellow swallowtail butterfly is the most prevelant variety. Flitting from flower to flower, they dance a graceful ballet for the watchful visitor.

Goldfinches fly from garden to garden, eating the coneflower seeds. The soft, high pitched song they sing is a musical treat for any and all who visit.

Hummingbird have found the garden this year. Butterfly bushes, geraniums and the morning glories have all been visited by the ‘hummers.’ They make a slight squeaking sound as they drink the nectar of the flowers.

Fall is fast approaching and the mums are starting to bloom. Soon the ‘hummers’ will be headed south and the seed of the coneflowes will be all eaten.

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