5 Questions with Board Member Rusty Carter

Rusty Carter is another familiar face around Crawfordsville, thanks to his real estate work with F.C. Tucker West Central. Rusty is rejoining the Lew Wallace Study Preservation Society in 2013 after several years of hiatus; however, he isn’t new to helping out around the Study!

How long have you been on the LWSPS board?
1 month this time. Not sure how many years last term.

Tell us something funny or interesting (or embarrassing, if you’re brave!) about yourself.
When we rehabbed the Carriage House – I pushed for the gift shop area to have a full size horse – I lost this idea. [ed: For those of you who don’t realize it, our gift shop is located in the horse stall of the Carriage House!]

How did your involvement with the Lew Wallace Study begin?
I began several years ago when Joanne Spragg was director. Not sure why or how, but it all started then.

Why do you think the preservation of the Lew Wallace Study is important?
History is important to this city. We must maintain it.

What is your favorite thing about Lew Wallace?
Nothing specific. [ed: We think Rusty meant to say, “Everything!” ;-) ]

Thanks for being involved and working hard to keep Lew’s legacy going, Rusty!

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