A River Runs Through It…

A mid-winter warm up sent a major storm system through the area on February 11th. Over 3 inches of rain fell in just a few hours. The runofff created quite a few ‘rivers’ running through the grounds. The runoff follows the topography of the land and flows along side of the Study. The water flows towards the site of the former reflecting pool. The baldcypress trees (with the birdhouses) are at the edge of the pool. The water continued to flow throughout the day and is still present 24 hours later.

With 8 inches of snow melting within days of this storm system, the ground was thoroughly saturated. Fortunately this occurs very seldom, maybe once or twice a year. The Study itself is not exempt from the weather. Cleanup occurs both inside and out when weather of this nature occurs. A major fund raising campaign is in progress at this time for the repair of the copper dome on the Study. With rakes in hand, we will keep the drains clear of debris and buckets handy for the leaks in the Study.

–Deb King, Grounds Manager

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