Beauty and the Beast

Ahhh, the joys of Spring.

Green grass, flowering trees, blooming tulips, daffodils and dreaded storms! Overnight the entire Montgomery County area was hit by a series of fast moving storms. The first wave brought straight line winds, hail and moderate rain. The second wave, in the early morning hours, brought torrential downpours with high winds.

The Museum buildings sustained no damage, but the grounds weren’t so fortunate. A mature basswood tree was uprooted and toppled, beech trees were decimated, and any weak branch has fallen. The 3.5 acres, normally a dog walker’s paradise, is now an obstacle course.

On the bright side, a wonderful fragrance and beautiful blooms can be found in the Study’s front garden. The viburnum, with its cluster of blooms, survived the wind, hail and rain. The fragrance can be enjoyed all over the grounds.

Just another typical Spring in Indiana!

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