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Ella Was Right

Ella Kostanzer visited the General’s Study around 1900, and described, among other things, a scene on the domed ceiling that contained “implements of war”. Because she is the only one to recount this detail, staff and visitors alike have long hoped she was right but didn’t want to rely on […]

Getting There

The end of the Study Restoration Project seems to be in sight! After months of weather delays, workers are installing the last of the copper. To make sure that the roof doesn’t leak, all the areas of the roof have to be cut and fastened exactly, from the curved corners […]

Scaffolding Returns

The construction crew has replaced the bucket lift they used in the fall with old-fashioned scaffolding. It looks like these final phases of the exterior Study Restoration Project will resemble when Lew Wallace first built it. I can just imagine him standing on the grounds, overseeing the final days of […]

Has It Weathered Well?

The theme for the year is Agents of Deterioration, and believe it or not the Study roof has already begun to deteriorate! Not in the sense of leaking like a sieve the way it used to, but the shiny new copper has already begun to look not quite so new. […]

Cherry on Top

Restoration efforts are coming along nicely here at the Study! The striking copper finial that sits on top of the Study cupola has been chemically cleaned, polished and restored to its place of honor overlooking the Museum grounds. It was unclear at first whether the original finial, which had the […]

Hammer Away

On a windy November day, bundled-up workers hammer the joints where the copper sheets meet the battens on the dome roof. After hammering the copper together, they will solder the joints to make them watertight. It’s a very time-consuming process! Meanwhile, more workers are lying down on the job to […]

Through the Roof

As a regular part of the Study Restoration Project, the architect and some grantors inspect the progress on the construction. This week’s inspection includes the resetting of the glass panels in the cupola. The panels on the west side (by the tower) have been removed, cleaned, reset, and resealed to […]