Everything’s blooming

Everything is blooming this spring at the Study. The magnolia trees bloomed April 13th this year, 30 days before they bloomed last year. The lilacs, redbuds and dogwood soon followed. Everything seemed to bloom at once.

The Study has been adopted by a pair of hawks, which started building a nest in February. In previous years, hawks have built nests but they remained unused. It was a wonderful addition to the grounds to realize the hawks were actually nesting! The last week in April we spotted a fuzzy head sticking up above the twigs and have been keeping our eyes on the nest ever since.
Today found that 2 mouths are being fed! The hawk will fly to a tree across the lawn and peruse the hunting grounds. While sitting at our picnic area watching the hawk, and being watched by the hawk, the hawk will fly over the 3.5 acres and return to the tree with a small rodent or bird. The hatchlings seem to have grown tremendously in just a week! We will be keeping a close eye on the nest in hopes to watch the hatchlings take flight.

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