Good News and Bad News

The bad news about the Study Restoration Project is that two days after they removed an entire side of the roof, it poured rain for hours! We haven’t had rain in weeks – maybe the best way to make sure it’s wet out is to start major construction.

The good news is that the plastic seal they put over the exposed area is holding water, so though it is raining outside, it’s not raining INSIDE as it has been for years. No buckets out today, hooray!

Workers have also removed the damaged plaster from an area of the domed ceiling that has absorbed moisture over the years. With the loose plaster gone, now we can see that there is more than one color of paint there. What color was the ceiling? Was it different colors at different times, a gradient of color, or – as one historic account suggests – a scene celebrating the military that Lew Wallace loved so much? Next week Ratio Architects will take over 70 samples as part of a paint analysis project that dovetails with the Study Restoration, and we hope to get some answers!

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