Happy Halloween!

A small Union Civil War uniform made for a boy
Henry’s uniform, on loan from Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

If you’re handing out sweets today, make sure to stop by the Study and hand some out to us! Director Larry Paarlberg is a fan of anything dark chocolate. Associate Director/Education Erin Gobel is a York Peppermint Patty fan. Grounds Manager Deb King likes peanut butter cookies. Associate Director/Collections Amanda McGuire prefers peanut butter M&Ms and dark chocolate. I personally will take anything that has the word chocolate in it, but Kit Kat and Butterfinger are a couple of current favorites. :) (We’re also frequent customers at Dari-Licious!)

In Lew’s day, Halloween wasn’t celebrated much outside of Irish and Scottish immigrant communities, but even in the 1860s children did play dress-up. Lew and Susan’s son Henry was eight at the outbreak of the Civil War, and he had a child-sized Union uniform and kepi. We currently have the uniform on display in our Carriage House. It is on loan from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and in less than two months, when our 2013 Generations exhibit ends, we’ll be returning it to them. If you want to see it, make sure you stop in sometime between now and December 14!

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