May blossoms

May sees the gardens coming to life at the Museum. April rains have the weed seeds sprouting everywhere! The gardens are being weeded, and with planting annual flowers on the horizon, the Museum grounds are in a state of change.
The prairie trillium is blooming. Usually found in dense wooded areas, here at the Museum, a patch of trillium is found sun loving hillside. The area is marked so the lawn mowers stay away. The Museum has another small patch of trillium, in a grove of beech trees. Visitors love walking the grounds and finding all the different wildflowers. The wild hyacinth is also blooming. The natural ravine has quite the patch of hyacinths.
Allium is blooming in the Museum’s gardens. Alliums ‘purple sensation’, ‘ivory queen’ and ‘gigantica’ are planted in the Study’s gardens. They create quite the picture for Museum visitors!

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