New Acting Associate Director

I have survived my first week as Acting Associate Director here at the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum. While I have been an intern at the museum for the last six months and am familiar with what happens on a daily basis, I found I still had a lot to learn. For example, what do I do when my alarm code fails on my second day causing the alarm company to call to make sure everything is okay but I don’t know the password to let them know that it really isn’t an emergency? It turns out that they send one of Crawfordsville’s finest over to ensure that everything is okay and I am, in fact, not a burglar. Of course when I try my code again in front of the cop and other museum staff, it works just fine. I’ve decided the reason it didn’t work the first time was that Lew was initiating me with a prank!

I am excited to be the Acting Associate Director for the summer and am looking forward to working with all of the volunteers and presenting programs for all of the groups we have scheduled for the summer. It will be a very fun, interesting and rewarding summer for me. Now if I can just manage to not set the alarm off anymore, I think everything will be just fine!

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