New Field Trips Prompts a Series of Programs

For the first time, almost every second, third, and fourth grade student in Crawfordsville visited the Museum this year, along with students from throughout the county and region. To accommodate this influx of students – who we hope will return next year – we introduced a series of topical tours catered to the learning standards of each grade. The second graders learned about Lew Wallace as an author, and returned to write stories on the grounds like Wallace did with his world-renowned book Ben-Hur. The third graders focused on local history and what Wallace did while he lived in Crawfordsville, as well as what makes the Study a unique building unlike any they’ll see elsewhere. The fourth graders looked at what made Wallace important to the state of Indiana: his fame as an author, diplomat, and soldier. All these students got to look at the Study and Museum, but with a different focus for each group, there will be something new to see the next time they come.

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