Park Day at the Study

Yes, believe it or not, Spring has decided to finally make an appearance in Indiana, and the folks at the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum were just in time to welcome this long-lost season with some much-needed cleanup of the Museum grounds.

Park Day, a national initiative of the Civil War Preservation Trust, aims to help Civil War heritage sites (like ours) by organizing an annual cleanup day to restore, maintain and bring new life to our winter-sleepy land. This year’s effort was our best yet, bringing over thirty volunteers together to paint, weed, rake, mulch, and remove branches from the grounds.

In addition to the crowds of volunteers, scads of visitors were also attracted to the Museum in this first burst of warm Spring weather. We’ve had over twenty visitors inside the Study and Carriage House today, and if this is any indication of our visitation this year, we’ll be breaking another attendance record!

Stay tuned as we roll into the crazy (never lazy) days of summer here at the Study!

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