The bloom report

The grounds of the Museum are bursting with plant life and color. Wildflower walks provided visitors with the rust-colored blooms of prairie trillium, pale blue blooms of wild hyacinth, along with bright yellow ragwort. The magnolia trees bloomed for just a short period of time, not liking the 30 degree rise in temperatures. The cool spring exploded with 4 days of mid 80’s and the magnolia blossoms suffered. The abundant spring rain also provided a surprise to the wildflower walks. Morel mushrooms, or sponge mushrooms were found growing in a nest of hickory, beech and sassafras leaves. The largest measured just under 6″! It is only the second time in recorded history that morels have been found on the Museum grounds.
The iris are in bloom, colors ranging from a deep midnight purple to a light lavendar/yellow throat. Purple alliums are intermixed with the iris in the Study front garden. Deutzia, with its globe-like white blooms compliment the pale lavendar iris and pink peonies. Nestled in a garden with a birdbath, visitors sit on a garden bench and watch the antics of the house wrens, cardinals and blue jays.

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