The Study Restoration Project Has Begun!

Work on the Study Restoration Project began this week with construction workers setting up scaffolds and starting repairs. Workers are assessing and preparing to remove the copper roof in sections. They plan to work on the building one side at a time, so visitors to the site can get unobstructed photos of the photogenic Study. This is the first time in 112 years that full-scale construction has taken place on the building, though, so pictures with scaffolding are quite unique!

In addition to beginning roof repairs, workers also began resetting the front steps into the Study.

The Study’s interior will be inaccessible to visitors during the Restoration Project as workers repair the skylight and plaster damaged by water leaking into the building. The safety of the General’s Study is a priority, and we took measures to protect the interior features that we couldn’t remove with the rest of the artifacts.

The Museum will remain open to visitors and share Lew Wallace’s legacy through this year’s exhibit, Sanctuary: Preserving the Legacy of Lew Wallace, featuring artifacts and photos of the General, and also through guided tours of the Study exterior. We hope you can stop by and see history happen!

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