Time to Move

Before the onset of any cold rain typical of November in Indiana, we decided to remove some of the most significant artifacts from the Study in preparation of the Study Restoration Project. This week we moved Lew Wallace’s custom-made grandfather clock from the Study to the Carriage House Interpretive Center.

Museum Director Larry Paarlberg and local clock specialist Hubert Danzebrink remove the weights and pendulum from the body of the clock.

Larry and three of the Crawfordsville Park and Recreation Dept. maintenance crew carry the clock from the Study building to its temporary home in the Carriage House Interpretive Center. Collections Manager Amanda McGuire instructed the guys not to wear gloves because gloves may make it more likely for the clock to slip from their hands, doing much more harm than the oils in their skin.

Larry, Chris and Bill carefully put the bonnet back over the works of the clock. There was not much room to spare! The clock looks even more stately in the smaller space of the Lynne D. Hohlbein Education Room than it did in the Study.

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