Wabash Day 2008

Today students from Wabash College participated in community service at the Lew Wallace Study as part of Wabash Day 2008. Wabash Day 2008 (October 11-12) is a national day of community service that “is tied to the core values of the college requiring men to to be responsible citizens and to be effective, thoughtful leaders to make our communities more humane.” (http://www.wabash.edu/wabashday for more information). We thank the volunteers from the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (FIJI House) who spent their Saturday morning moving picnic tables, taking down the electrical boxes from the Taste of Montgomery County, and picking up trash and debris around the exterior of the Study. As a token of gratitude, the volunteers also received a brief tour of the Study and were very inquisitive, showing great interest in Mr. Wallace’s artwork as well as his time abroad in the Ottoman Empire and in New Mexico Territory. Thank you again for making the Study a part of Wabash Day 2008 and we hope you can return for a visit (as a student, you receive a discount if you show your college ID) or to volunteer your time again outside of this wonderful community service opportunity.

–Will Finney, Museum Intern from Wabash College

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