Wintertime Blues, I Mean Blooms

I am sitting at my desk, which I don’t do very often, watching snow flurries out the window. Just 2 days ago, the weather was a balmy 68 degrees and I worked in the gardens. I am getting the gardens all prepped for the long winter with pulling up annuals,cutting back and mulching the perennials. I noticed some lingering color, even though we’ve had quite a few frosty mornings.

Myrtle, wild violets, Liberty snapdragons, Evolution salvia, Lady in Red salvia, Stella d’Oro daylilies, zinnias, Blue Hawaii ageratum, Harmony and Scarlet Sophia marigolds and chrysanthemums are just some of the flowers still blooming at the Museum. They may be covered in snow shortly or with Indiana’s unpredictable weather, basking in warm temperatures again.

Bulbs are being planted and a layer of mulched leaves is being added to the gardens. It’s wishful thinking that Spring will be here sooner, rather than later.

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