6 Questions With Board Member Helen Hudson

Helen Mundy Hudson is a retired public school teacher of AP English and German, part-time Wabashprofessor, director of Athenas, and erstwhile writer. She has served as president of the LWSPS board. She is fascinated by Icelandic studies.

How long have you been on the LWSPS board?
6 or 7 years

Tell us something funny or interesting (or embarrassing, if you’re brave!) about yourself.
I was once a barrel racer and pole bender in horseback competition, played tenor sax, and collected stamps. I’ve been involved in a 30+ year love affair with Iceland.

How did your involvement with the Lew Wallace Study begin?
I knew it as a pretty place tied to Ben-Hur. Then Dale Petrie called me, I met Cinnamon, and the rest is history.

Why do you think the preservation of the Lew Wallace Study is important?
I’m a trained Mid-Century Modern :) and so entirely believe in our motto – “power of the individual spirit to affect American history and culture.” Lew and Susan Wallace were not only bright and important people, they knew how to live their lives richly, and because they were rich they left us the increasingly more valuable Study and grounds.

What is your favorite thing about Lew Wallace?
His painted walls and his library–especially his library…  Oh, and there was the Civil War and New Mexico and Turkey. What’s not to like?

What is one thing you would like our blog readers and Facebook friends to know?

About Bohumir Kryl, the valuable paint (equal to the U.S. Capitol paint), the worldwide scholarship done on Lew Wallace. I would love for people to learn more about the contents of Lew’s library.

Thank you, Helen, for all your hard work and your dedication to preserving culture in our community!

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