6 Questions with Board Secretary Anne Moore

Anne Moore’s first board meeting was this past Monday, but she’s definitely a familiar face around the Study grounds. Anne and her husband Chris are the driving force behind our History Beneath Us weekends each spring and fall. They have been doing archaeology here for several years, and have unearthed portions of the reflecting pool wall and an as-yet-unidentified structure to the west of the Carriage House.

How long have you been on the LWSPS board?
I just started!
Tell us something funny or interesting (or embarrassing, if you’re brave!) about yourself:
I used to think that the lyrics to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” said “Pay the rent, come back”
How did your involvement with the Lew Wallace Study begin?
Several years ago, I attended a historic preservation lecture series at the Study. At that time, the staff approached me about doing some archaeology on the grounds. Partnering with the University of Indianapolis, we have been conducting an archaeological dig twice a year titled “History Beneath Us” to expose part of Lew’s reflecting pool.
Why do you think the preservation of the Lew Wallace Study is important?
I think Lew was an extraordinary gentleman and his study is a physical representation of that spirit. By preserving the study, we can hopefully preserve some of that spirit and continue to share it with generations to come.
What is your favorite thing about Lew Wallace?
I love that he was a renaissance man. He had so many talents and interests, and excelled at all of them!
What is one thing you would like our blog readers and Facebook friends to know?

That the Lew Wallace Study and Museum has so many opportunities to become involved, events are happening all the time and there’s something for everyone! Come out and join us!

We’re grateful to have Anne coming on board with us here at the LWSPS!

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