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Close up of a clock face. Hands depict the minute, second, hour, and date. A dial at the top depicts the moon phase.

Inside the Study: Lew’s Clock

When Lew Wallace created his iconic Study in Crawfordsville, he spared no expense. Although we haven’t yet found any evidence, tradition suggests the stained glass was done by Tiffany & Co. The firm that would become synonymous with fine American craftsmanship began as a stationery and fancy goods store in […]

Lew Wallace with cane in hand exiting the Study, ca. 1900.

Wallace & his Walking Stick

Among the many items in the Study, the General Lew Wallace Study & Museum has a collection of canes associated with the General. Throughout his life, Lew Wallace maintained a military bearing. Acquaintances frequently commented upon his erect posture. However, Lew often used a walking stick about town. Beyond aids […]

The Conspirators

Perhaps Lew Wallace’s best-known painting (not that he was famous for art), The Conspirators made the journey from storage to the Study Movers from Red Ball Moving carry in the custom-made box containing The Conspirators. Museum staff and volunteers lift the oil painting atop the bookcases in the Study. Museum […]