Serving Others

The final day of the Lew Wallace Youth Academy was filled with the sounds and sights of war! Students spent the morning with Mid-States Living History Association, Inc. at stations portraying a period telegraph, medical care, embalmer, cooking, and finally an interview with the General himself. The day ended with a family filled graduation ceremony where we retired an Indiana flag.

Students trained with the signal corps to send messages across camp.

New this year was a visit to the embalmer.

Several students prepare to assist the surgeon in “amputating” their classmate’s leg. They seem VERY pleased to be helping with this task…

Drilling with reproduction “Woodfield” rifles was another highlight of the day.

General Wallace sought information from the students based on what they had learned throughout the camp.

During the graduation ceremony, the students retired a flag by cutting it into strips (so it is no longer a flag) and then placing the strips on a soldier’s bayonet to be laid in the fire. They were composed and respectful through the entire ceremony.

After graduation we celebrated the students’ accomplishments with a display of their work, cookies and punch. Congratulations, 2010 Academy graduates!


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