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The Exciting Conclusion

Some of the artifacts found in the screens include pieces of bottles (round pieces in the middle), fragments of plates (bottom left corner), nails (upper right corner), and a squirrel vertebrae (top). Anne Moore of Weintraut and Associates excavates a feature. An archaeological feature is like an artifact, but it […]

A Squirrel sitting in a tree at the Lew Wallace Study

The Earl of Squirrels

When something of interest landed on Lew Wallace’s radar, he just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Late in life he purchased acreage outside of town. There he created his country home, Water Babble, where he began improving the property. He planned to create a fish hatchery. This wasn’t his only […]

Seed collecting

Fall has arrived and the winterization of the gardens have begun. Peonies have been cut back and soon to be moved to a new location, leaves are being mulched and the squirrels are busy gathering and burying nuts. One of the fall tasks is the collection of seeds from annuals. […]

In the Autumn Air

Have you been outside? It is gorgeous. Fall is my favorite time of year, and the Museum grounds make a perfect place to watch the seasons change. The trees change their leaves in different shades, and I’m hoping for a particularly colorful spectacle given the wet year we’ve had. I […]