Susan Elston Wallace

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Cooking With Susan – Baltimore Sandwiches

Lew’s wife Susan contributed several recipes to cookbooks over the years. This one is from the 1913 Sunshine Cookbook. Baltimore Sandwiches: 2 tablespoons of sugar                                       1 teaspoon of salt ½ pint of vinegar                                     2 large tablespoons of melted butter 2 teaspoons of mustard                                      2 large coffee cups of boiled ham minced […]

Dr. Harry Wann stands in a studio facing the nude figure of a woman he is sculpting

Harry Wann & Friendship with the Wallaces

Helping with the care and maintenance of the grounds of the Lew Wallace property by incoming freshmen at Wabash College is not a recent phenomenon. These young men have been helping the museum for years and actually helped General and Mrs. Wallace in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. […]