The artwork has left the building

The last of Lew’s artwork has left the Study building! Staff and a few experienced volunteers packed up paintings by Wallace himself as well as sculptures and paintings that he owned.

Collections Manager Amanda McGuire explains to summer Intern Kasey Greer (Indiana University) how to wrap and pack a plaster cast of Princess Irene, a character from Wallace’s novel The Prince of India.

Amanda and Kasey hand Wallace’s best known painting, The Conspirators, to Wabash College Archivist Beth Swift and Museum Director Larry Paarlberg.

Ethafoam, bubble wrap, and sturdy boxes are the tools of the trade for packing interns – er, scuplture. Kasey lines the bottom of this box with ethafoam to cushion a statue of Ben-Hur as a galley slave.

Many thanks to Superior Moving and Storage for helping move these historic artifacts!

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