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At War!

Summer has arrived and war has been declared! Battles are being fought… and lost. Unfortunately, the war is likely to last for months. Japanes beetles, Popillia japonica, have invaded. They first appeared the last week of June and their numbers are increasing. The iridescent copper-colored beetles with green heads are […]

garden produce…

Stepping out the back door of the Carriage House, Acting Director Amanda Wesselmann gathers her lunch. Spinach, kale, peas and basil make a wonderful salad. Planted with herbs in 2007, the kitchen garden has grown to include peas, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, kale and cabbage and cucumbers. Succession planting has allowed […]

May blossoms

May sees the gardens coming to life at the Museum. April rains have the weed seeds sprouting everywhere! The gardens are being weeded, and with planting annual flowers on the horizon, the Museum grounds are in a state of change. The prairie trillium is blooming. Usually found in dense wooded […]


Spring at the Study find the daffodils, tulips, magnolia and viburnum blooming profusely. The cool spring benefited the magnolia trees. The pink and white blooms created a wonderful show on the Study grounds. Museum visitors are in awe of these regal trees! Daffodils and tulips invites the visitor to tour […]

A River Runs Through It…

A mid-winter warm up sent a major storm system through the area on February 11th. Over 3 inches of rain fell in just a few hours. The runofff created quite a few ‘rivers’ running through the grounds. The runoff follows the topography of the land and flows along side of […]

Fall into the Holidays

Fall has come and gone here at the Study. The colorful leaves have fallen and mowers have been put away for the winter. The ground is on its way to being frozen and the first snow storm is being predicted. The myrtle is still blooming and the hydrangea blooms have […]