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Saturday saw ice on the windshields, but that didn’t keep volunteers from cleaning up the 3.5 acres of the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum. Over 30 people descended on the Museum to rake, mulch, pick up branches and do general garden work. Two trailers were filled with leaves and […]

Fly-in Visitors

The 3.5 acres of blooming trees and flowers have been host to a multitude of fly-in visitors. Birds and beetles (japanese) visited the grounds early this spring, with the cicadas, hummingbirds and butterflies soon following. The Easter Swallowtail, Black Swallowtail and the Viceroy butterflies have been feasting on the lantana, […]

An Unwelcome Visitor

Grounds Manager Deb King releases a bat she found lying on the floor of the Study Monday afternoon.   We’re not exactly sure how it got in, but by the time Deb found it, it was either sick or injured and didn’t last long. This is one visitor that is […]

Seed collecting

Fall has arrived and the winterization of the gardens have begun. Peonies have been cut back and soon to be moved to a new location, leaves are being mulched and the squirrels are busy gathering and burying nuts. One of the fall tasks is the collection of seeds from annuals. […]