Study Restoration Project

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The artwork has left the building

The last of Lew’s artwork has left the Study building! Staff and a few experienced volunteers packed up paintings by Wallace himself as well as sculptures and paintings that he owned. Collections Manager Amanda McGuire explains to summer Intern Kasey Greer (Indiana University) how to wrap and pack a plaster […]

Moving Lew

Boxes of Lew Wallace’s books and other large artifacts await the arrival of Red Ball Superior Moving and Storage to take them to the off-site storage location. Grounds Manager Deb King watches her step carrying a chair out of the Study. This is the first time these artifacts have left […]

Pack rats

How do you pack over 1,200 books for storage? Very carefully… Volunteers learned the procedure for packing up General Wallace’s books. Working in pairs, packing volunteers pulled books from the shelves individually, cross-referenced each title with the list to make sure we have a record of it, and made a […]

Moving the Clock 11-10-09

Moving the Clock 11-10-09, originally uploaded by WallaceStudy. General Lew Wallace’s 1898 Tiffany grandfather clock, custom made for the General in New York to match his Study here in Crawfordsville, gets installed in its temporary home inside the Carriage House Interpretive Center. As shown in this video, the clock juuuuuust […]

Time to Move

Before the onset of any cold rain typical of November in Indiana, we decided to remove some of the most significant artifacts from the Study in preparation of the Study Restoration Project. This week we moved Lew Wallace’s custom-made grandfather clock from the Study to the Carriage House Interpretive Center. […]

Help for Crumbling Buildings

Monday we hosted an Historic Structures Workshop, organized by both the Indiana Historical Society’s Local History Services and Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. This workshop was geared for professionals and volunteers in history organizations located in historic buildings. Staff and board members from as far away as Cincinnati convened to […]