Study Restoration Project

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Through the Roof

As a regular part of the Study Restoration Project, the architect and some grantors inspect the progress on the construction. This week’s inspection includes the resetting of the glass panels in the cupola. The panels on the west side (by the tower) have been removed, cleaned, reset, and resealed to […]

Grab Your Shades

The first panel of new copper is on the roof! Workers are braving the wind to install the new roof on the east side of the building. As predicted, it’s bright and shiny, so if you can make it out to see the progress, make sure you bring your sunglasses! […]

Southern Exposure

Workers removed the copper from the south side of the Study earlier this week. That leaves two sides without copper and two sides still covered. You can see the wooden decking and battens, just like what they found on the east side, before they installed the weatherproof barrier. From their […]

Closing the Gap

The front steps of the Study got reset today after their “vacation” on the lawn. Construction workers relaid support underneath the steps – instead of the piles of loose bricks – and then moved the steps back in place. Years ago, a previous crew apparently patched a sizable gap between […]

Like a New Penny

Earlier this week, the construction workers put up a sample piece of the new copper that will become the dome. They wanted to make sure they had the measurements correct and that the copper would fit properly over the curvature and battens before they cut enough for the whole building […]

Paint Analysis: Expect the Unexpected

Ratio Architects from Indianapolis began the paint analysis by revealing what lies underneath the current paint layer. This preliminary test uncovered small pieces of the walls in different places in the Study: the entryway, under the benches by the fireplace, along the flowered frieze, and more. Surprise! The entryway of […]

Good News and Bad News

The bad news about the Study Restoration Project is that two days after they removed an entire side of the roof, it poured rain for hours! We haven’t had rain in weeks – maybe the best way to make sure it’s wet out is to start major construction. The good […]

Moving the Steps

To reset the front steps of the Study, workers removed caulking and sealant from around the cracks and gaps (we posted pictures last week), and then looped a harness around each step to remove them with the lift truck. Pulling the stop step away from the building. Completely removed! One […]