Lew Wallace

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Ben-Hur the galley slave

The Mystery Statue

At least eight important sculptors (not counting the General himself) have contributed to the artistry of the General Lew Wallace Study. Inside the building reside a bust of Wallace created by Randolph Rogers, a statue of Ben-Hur the galley slave done by George Peterson in 1888, and two plaster studies […]

Wallace and the Donkey

In 1877, the Republicans won the controversial presidential election between the Republican Rutherford B. Hayes of Ohio and the Democratic nominee, Samuel Tilden of New York. With his party in power General Lew Wallace anticipated a reward for his support. The first offer that came to him in 1878 from […]

Camp Morton

In downtown Indianapolis a number of historic markers recognize the contributions of Lew Wallace and his family. One of the markers recognizes Wallace’s selection of the site of Indianapolis’ Civil War camp 1861. Today, the area is known as the Herron-Morton neighborhood, but in 1861 it was on the outskirts […]

Making It Up as He Goes Along

Lew Wallace created many things during his lifetime, from art to inventions to his Study. Many consider writing to be his greatest achievement, especially since he described in his autobiography that he hated school and frequently skipped class. Well, perhaps he should have applied himself to a few more vocabulary […]

A Squirrel sitting in a tree at the Lew Wallace Study

The Earl of Squirrels

When something of interest landed on Lew Wallace’s radar, he just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Late in life he purchased acreage outside of town. There he created his country home, Water Babble, where he began improving the property. He planned to create a fish hatchery. This wasn’t his only […]