Lew Wallace

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Making It Up as He Goes Along

Lew Wallace created many things during his lifetime, from art to inventions to his Study. Many consider writing to be his greatest achievement, especially since he described in his autobiography that he hated school and frequently skipped class. Well, perhaps he should have applied himself to a few more vocabulary […]

A Squirrel sitting in a tree at the Lew Wallace Study

The Earl of Squirrels

When something of interest landed on Lew Wallace’s radar, he just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Late in life he purchased acreage outside of town. There he created his country home, Water Babble, where he began improving the property. He planned to create a fish hatchery. This wasn’t his only […]

Whig Family Politics

What was Lew Wallace’s political affiliation? Looking to his Autobiography, Wallace grew up “intensely Whig.” His father belonged to the Whig party during his time as governor and state legislator. Wallace carried on these political views until the personally crucial election of 1848. This election found General Zachary Taylor, among […]