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Wintertime Blues, I Mean Blooms

I am sitting at my desk, which I don’t do very often, watching snow flurries out the window. Just 2 days ago, the weather was a balmy 68 degrees and I worked in the gardens. I am getting the gardens all prepped for the long winter with pulling up annuals,cutting […]

Hard hats and helmets

Fall- the time of cool, brisk mornings and quiet evenings. Time to slow down and look at nature and . . . . .don the hard hats, helmets and shoulder pads! The beautiful colors of fall have arrived with the bright yellow hickory leaves, the orange-gold of the sassafras and […]

Celebrate National Archaeology Month at the Study

The General Lew Wallace Study & Museum is celebrating National Archaeology Month with a continuation of its “History Beneath Us” archaeology dig this weekend in the backyard of General Lew Wallace’s home and study. A stately brick reflecting pond graced Wallace’s grounds between approximately 1898-1903, after which the General filled […]

The bloom report

The grounds of the Museum are bursting with plant life and color. Wildflower walks provided visitors with the rust-colored blooms of prairie trillium, pale blue blooms of wild hyacinth, along with bright yellow ragwort. The magnolia trees bloomed for just a short period of time, not liking the 30 degree […]

Beauty and the Beast

Ahhh, the joys of Spring. Green grass, flowering trees, blooming tulips, daffodils and dreaded storms! Overnight the entire Montgomery County area was hit by a series of fast moving storms. The first wave brought straight line winds, hail and moderate rain. The second wave, in the early morning hours, brought […]

The Wall Continues

Unit 3 still has not yielded the bottom of the reflecting pool, but the crew did find another part of the brick wall. The most recently uncovered portion is much lower than the other sections, which raises the question of why. Did workers decades ago cut through it to install […]